More than step in that shoe!

Today let’s talk about shoes. If there is something I am so guilty of buying all the time, is shoes.

Sometimes I think I have a bit of an addiction, I guess I’m just addicted to fashion. Jenny, one of my most stylish friends is married. She too, is a shoe shopaholic and she often finds herself in sticky situations with her hubby (she buys too many shoes!).


There is this pair of a red animal print heel that stays in her trunk, she rocks the pair after leaving home and then back in the trunk. And it’s not the only pair that has found a permanent closet in the trunk!

When it comes to the gentlemen, I’m impressed by how much your shoes have evolved today. Ironically, most of you men still prefer to stay in the black, chocolate brown or oxblood comfort zone.

My dear men…there are more colors out there that can exalt your look to unleash a super suave personality. Exotic shades like a deep maroon which work well with beige or white khakis. You can then top off the look with a denim shirt. If you have a pair of maroon pants, you can bring out a nicely done combo with a dark shade of blue shoes. You can as well explore copper brown, burgundy, burnt amber, peanut, tortilla and cedar.

These shades are perfect for darker pants such as black, juniper green, and navy blue. Lighter shades will also work well especially when you stick to the regular neutrals like beige, gray, white. Gentlemen, if you become a tad flexible with the colors of your shoes, you can easily evoke a very subtle yet fashion-forward statement.

If you have a more outgoing personality; remember my friend Josh? You can take on Chevron Oxfords or Carlos Spain dress shoes.  These types usually come in two colors (or more in the same shoe), crafted with a combination of leather and fabric for an exceptionally comfortable feel.

How sleek is that?

Now, imagine yourself in a charcoal gray suit finished off with a pair of Carlos Spains. I bet you’re already smiling just picturing yourself (or your man) in such a bespoke look.

You can add some magic to your step whether it’s a working day or an easy-going weekend. My dearest men, take advantage of the variety of shoe collections out there and you will take more than just a step in that shoe!

Wouldn’t you like to carry yourself like James Bond or even an aristocrat?

Reinvent your wardrobe

2017 is here and goals are shifting left, right and up and down, all over the place!

Most of us want to change our wardrobe for the New Year. This, however, may be limited by budget constraints considering the spending that happens during the festive season. In such a case, you may not have any extra cash for an upgrade. Therefore, buying new clothes may not be an option to think about.

This should not put your spirits down. I have a timely and perfect solution for you. Who said you must buy everything new to reinvent your wardrobe? We will work with your current wardrobe and make it spick-and-spun.

First thing, get rid of anything you haven’t worn this whole year as a cluttered closet will make you hate your wardrobe. Anything you have not worn for the whole of 2016 is not helping by being in your wardrobe, donate, give out and let’s refresh your wardrobe for a spanking new look in 2017. Having a less cluttered wardrobe will make you feel more attracted to it and as a result more creative in your outfits.

So let’s do this, categorize your outfit as you match them up how you do it on a day to day basis, for example, that specific trouser that goes with a specific blouse or top. The interesting thing is we always match it up the same way week after week, month after month, year after year. It is time to reshuffle, just like in a cards game we need a thorough reshuffle after every round. Are you done? Now we should get down to the new allocation and since I can’t picture your collection lets work with mine.

Now, just change all the tops match them up with a different skirt or trouser, for the dress change up the blazer. Do a new match up to all your outfits and you must stick to the new plan. And before I forget, remember to change up the shoes, handbag, and jewelry as well. I know this looks tough but you will thank me later.

I would like you to play with color and print and everything just like we have learned earlier. Take risks; do not forget to love you in the process. I have this ash gray trouser with thin black and white stripes that I have always worn it with a bubble short-sleeved white cotton shirt and a burgundy windbreaker. The new look is a turquoise, long sleeved silky blouse paired up with a perfect teal heel.  Isn’t this a brand-new look from the same old outfits?

Not forgetting my favorite knee length skirt, its stretchy light cotton with black and white floral print evenly balanced. I have always done this with a black top but hey, I am thinking as long as I keep it one color I can go as bright as candy red with the same shade of medium heel.

Moreover, I have this beige high waist skirt, with a high front and low back which I have always done with a plain emerald chiffon, finished off with a bow. This is more of a safe look. So, instead, I will go with a high neck silk satin, white with floral baby pink prints of and a dash of lilac and candy red flowers.

And since most of the time I’m in the office, let’s talk about my day to day office looks. Do you have that suit that you always match up with a plain shirt or blouse? Try doing a print and you can also change up the blazer. Wear it with a different color for instance, if the pants are black, do a plain red or blue blazer and see how this changes your look.

Voila! You have been doing some good shopping in your own wardrobe.

Notice all I am doing is playing around with color and print. You can do it too. That way, you can come up with totally fresh new looks that will feel completely different since you never matched them up this way.

Happy new year, enjoy your new wardrobe from me to you, in your current closet!

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Fashion is About Risk Taking

Hold your horses right there, we didn’t veer off the fashion course to jump into the business lane; that’s what most of us assume when we first think about risk taking. Don’t be alarmed, we are still on fashion mode. But then again, the two are related in a couple of aspects. Let’s get to it.

Fashion involves lots of risk taking. Allow me to clarify how…..

Have you ever looked at someone and the first thing you thought is too bold or gutsy but you loved it? That’s because of how well the wearer took a risk in fashion and pulled it off. If you calculate the risk well enough, keeping in mind all I have said so far, you will qualify to be fashion risk taker.

With fashion if you want to evolve, you have to take a few risks, otherwise, things may get too boring for you and the excitement may perish.

In fact, the same principle that applies to real businesses will apply, the higher the risk the higher the returns but if things go bad then you lose everything. (in fashion, you have the mirror to tell you if you need to change the look!)

So, be a fashion risk taker, be bold, be forward, stand out. Again, in business the lower the risk, the safer the returns which are usually rather low in such a scenario. The same goes for fashion.

The risks for fashion are majorly with colors and different types of prints that most people shy away from. Thus, most of us go for the safer options such as plain colors or fabrics.

Think about anything in fashion that scares you a little, because I can guarantee there is. In my case; I used to be scared of putting two prints together.

So I have this graphite black skirt, with thin vertical cream lines. It’s knee length with a high-low kind of effect but on the right side, the finish below is not straight; it has a wavy kind of flow creating a freer effect as you go down the hips.

The high waist part is fitting; the right side has a part of the seam running with horizontal lines just on the navel area. I used to go for a white fitting vest or a cotton blouse i.e. safe choices only to match it up.

I finally made my breakthrough of being a fashion risk taker by trying it on with a creamy silk button down blouse with sleek deep, dark vertical lines. I then crowned the look with a tiny belt of a similar texture. Notice the skirt and the blouse are both made up of vertical lines?

From a certain perspective, you would think this would be too busy. On the other hand, the chemistry that these two have is remarkably fashion forward, better than going for a plain blouse. Since they both have vertical lines, it gives you a continuous look rather than a distorted look.

So, I wore the blouse tucked and did a bow just at my navel, right at the high of the skirt (check out my last post on how to get high-end fashion on a budget). In case my stomach is a bit bloated (ladies, we all have those days) the blouse belt takes the attention off my tummy. The shoe has to be a heel, 4 to 6 inches, off-white or something with a bit of color. On the flat tummy days, the belt isn’t a necessity.

 See, you don’t have to be afraid (check out my blog about confidence!)! It’s time to take that risk because the compliments I get on such a risqué look are worth the effort. For a big fashion statement, you just have to take a risk, a calculated risk!

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For the rich not

There is a long-standing fallacy that only the rich can afford to be fashionable.

Well, it is undeniable that if you are fixated on high-end designer collections then you will almost stick to this delusion. There are those who can afford to go designer all the way because they can afford it, on the other hand most of us fall somewhere in the middle. And who said we cannot be fashionable?

As I said in my previous posts, fashion is more to do with you; a sort of personality.  Life is simple and fashionable if you want it to be.

Take, for example, you have this little black dress that you got on offer at a store (no designer drama) and you want to exalt it to high-end fashionable outlook. There are lots of chic ways you can execute this!

One, you can go for jewelry that really stands out; it can be one piece (necklace only or earrings only), two piece (necklace and earrings) or three piece (bangle/ring, earrings, and a necklace). In this case, the jewelry could be designer pieces. If you go for the three piece, then your shoes and clutch have to be silent (no designer drama but fashionable) and you will have a classic designer expensive look without having to wear designer from top to bottom. Either way, having jewelry that pops doesn’t always mean that the rest of your outfit has to be silent. Whichever selections you decide remember to stay in control of the inner you.

The designer piece could be the shoe, and the rest can be cool combos that you got from your everyday store. The shoe, in this case, will elevate the look to a high-end feel. Furthermore, if you have a killer clutch that really stands out then work around it. In short, I’m just saying that you can have one or two designer items in your wardrobe and play around with your look from time to time. There is no right or wrong way, as long as you are able to express yourself. There are many ways of killing a rat!

Remember that as you do this, put yourself in the picture; let’s say you have killer legs, then drawing attention with a striking heel will work perfectly for you. However, if your legs are not your strongest suit, then do the opposite; divert attention from your legs, you can work with the jewelry option, clutch or any other accessory that somewhat downplays your legs.

It’s easy to look classy from your everyday high street store, all you need is a little personality in your selection. What you achieve by this is a fashionably elegant look that appears posh without spending too much.

This is how I shop from my regular store. I look for a unique piece; it could be a khaki trouser. How do you get a unique khaki pant when they are all khaki?

Look for anything different from the usual. A normal trouser has four seams or a combination of two pieces. The difference could be how the pockets are done, the color-a cute color like deep peach or orange, or how the pants were put together, mystery darts, pleats, different seams or pieces put together to come up with the final trouser. It’s all in the detail.

Having a unique pair of pants, you can then go for a simple top. In my case I will go for the Khaki pant with a deep shade of peach, a simple chiffon off-white top with black polka dots, a small black belt (I love tucking my blouse in) and a pair of deep black or wet-look peep-toe heels. I could then throw on some ebony fabric button earrings and a simple chain. A clean mohawk hair up-do can sauce up the look well enough.

Sometimes I love an effortlessly flowing mane for my hair and in such a case, I ensure that I pop out my ear on one side, complementing the look with drop earrings of a dark shade or a touch of silver. Where you want to go will usually determine whether you need a bag and the suitable size.

Realize how I played around with everything to balance the look despite having a screaming shade for the pants? Trust me, it didn’t cost me a pretty penny for this simple, classy, elegant look!

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Fashion takes Confidence

Confidence has a lot to do with fashion, believe me. I will share an experience I had with a colleague; I must confess he is quite confident when it comes to fashion. When he decides to throw on a suit, it is never the usual colors. Trust me he never goes wrong, always looks good in them.

I will share an experience I had with a colleague; I must confess he is quite confident when it comes to fashion. When he decides to throw on a suit, it is never the usual colors. Trust me he never goes wrong, always looks good in them.

It was during an end of year party, a black-tie affair. I know, all ye gentlemen are thinking a black or grey suit at this point. Well, he came in a maroon suit, a plaid shirt with tiny white and dark blue alternating squares and a midnight blue cravat.

Sharper than a razor, I can’t say that I saw anyone with a more dapper look that night! I don’t know how many can pull this off but Josh did and graced the floor with so much confidence that everyone was in love with his suit and he was the talk of the night.

Now, for this kind of scenario you realize confidence is everything because it was the only suit that stood out and would catch an eye from a distant. You cannot be in this kind of suit and not look people in eye or act shy because this will kill the glamor of the suit.

Confidence adds to your fashion, they say if you are confident in what you are wearing then you will sell it others however horrible; horrible will be the new trend.

Realize Josh loves his slim fit tall kind of body so this works for him with all the attention this suit garnered him. Remember the love fashion thing?

My point not everyone has a style similar to Josh’s. The most important factor is that he knows what works for him and has embraced it so must you. I am not asking you to be Josh, I am demanding that you be you and stand out in the unique sense you are.

In case you decide to imitate Josh without carefully and wisely analyzing yourself then you may just turn out to be a fashion pooper. There are people who would not hack doing a complete suit just because it does not work for them so break it; there are those who can pull a Josh stand and look good, and those who pulling his look would be a total disaster. It does not have to be for you because it worked for someone else.

What makes you most confident when you are wearing is what you should go for, because you are going for your style?

In the event that you wear it and you are not confident then change it, drop it from your wardrobe because it is killing your confidence and in turn killing your fashion. As long as you are reading this, then that is definitely not your intention so get that confidence back.

Before I sum up post, I would like to let you in on one of my little secrets. I have a unique natural hair do that I invented myself, I have tried imitating others several times but it never works so for me. I just end up doing me or add a twist to what I admire so that it suits me effortlessly.

As a parting shot, I will insist on something that most people are too proud/stubborn to admit. It is okay to admire and imitate. BUT, imitate with a twist of you, you will discover a wonderful surprise waiting on the other side of the mirror.

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Love and Fashion

These two words don’t really make sense together, I know that what’s almost ringing in your mind but open your mind for a couple more seconds.

It is important for me to start here on this subject because I want you to take this brief tour with me so that you can experience a different side of fashion. We all need to have a culture of enjoying fashion through understanding its simplicity even though sometimes it may seem rather complicated.

The fashion kind of love emanates from self-love, love yourself love your body. No one is perfect but when you love yourself then fashion can make you perfect.

Why is this important? Loving yourself will make you appreciate your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses as well. And again, accepting your flaws is yet another symbol of strength in character.

So how does fashion make you perfect? Mastering yourself makes you know what works for you in terms of an outfit combo, what complements your height, skin tone, eyes, lips, face, hips fingers, ears name it.

For example, if you have long legs you know what works for you, I don’t need to say it. Surprisingly, this is actually an area where most people wait to be told even though it feels too obvious.

We all know what looks good in us we just fail to admit it and in the end feel guilty about it. I want you to speak to your deeper self, contemplate for a just a second right now and answer the questions, like why do you love a particular dress, shirt, trouser and not the other? Bang! Got you right where I wanted, you love and outfit because it makes you look good, or brings you luck, or it’s your interview outfit, or bad day outfit because it does not complement you in any way.

I hope by now you see why I say we have conversation with what we wear even without realizing. It may not happen every day but everyone has this relationship with fashion.

When you wear an outfit that you love, what happens to your general feeling? Well, you feel good you are in love with you and it doesn’t matter whether you get a compliment or not because you did that to yourself already. So, what happens to your fashion when you are in this kind of feel good cocoon? you rock it…you kill it…and that’s experiencing love and fashion!

It is all about how you feel; if you feel love you keep it going, if you don’t why do you still have it in your wardrobe, kick the hate out of your wardrobe then we will be besties as we move on.

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